Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Random Post

Dear friend,

If I'm not in contact with you any time soon any of the following might apply:

1. Felt asleep in Starbucks: If this is the case then you might see lots of people posting my sleep face picture in their profiles because the Starbucks I'm into has "jiamaries"[greek for having lots of windows together that form a wall of something.. well.. i'm sleepy hope you got it] and I'm sitting in the stools facing outside.. not an attractive option I guess, but hey, feel free to contact the store.. you can find it on places app on FaceBook
2. Felt asleep while going home in the bus, the bus diverted and instead of heading towards Kings Cross to change for the tube or another bus I will end up in Hampstead were a homeless might wake me up to check whether I have enough change for a cup of coffee... like they need coffee when they are homeless, they can atleast tell me the truth.. "Hey you.. wanna chip in some coins, im in need of some frieds of McDonalds and really have to make an effort to pay-up my outstanding balance to my drug-dealer.. I still cannot get it, if drug dealers are threatening people why didn't they realize that it is easier to set up a direct debit and let the banks handle everything. Ouf.. well, if this is the case then I will just catch up a tube/bus go home, and then rest..
3. I felt asleep in the tube on the way from the District Line Stop to Picadilly. If this is the case then i have no idea where i will end up since i haven't taken the district line for mone than 3 stops
4. Felt asleep in the picadilly line
5. Lucky enough to end up home

Summing up I want to say that don't worry If I maybe vanished for a while; The lack of sleeperiocity (superiocity = the superior value of sleep as an activity) will affect me on gaining back that lost ground.



PS: Ok.. if this post is not random enough sorry.... Otherwise, welcome to my new blog of totally random blog postings!ZzZzzzzz
PS2: If you didn't get PS1 and you are a newbie reading this.. Just wanted to let you know that the previous title "The confessions of a bad lucker" has been switched to this one.. As my previous experiences are still unluckily random the fell into the same scope of this blog.
PS3: If you did actually believed PS2 and looked at the title guess again.. I would never do that!!! That is not marketeristic (check: http://power-of-marketing.blogspot.com/) enough.. which is probably why you might [and I'm saying might because when i'm sleepy, i cannot promise things, at least thinks that are quite random..] be expending something new soon.. ok.. this was more random! zzzz for the final time x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Yoga: "..learning to love and look after the body you've been given"

"The yoga we teach is not about learning to put your feet behind your ears".. It is not? then what am I supposed to be doing in a yoga class then? I always wanted a shot like that and it is difficult to accomplish it just by playing around in photoshop :( "It's about learning to love and look after the body you've been given"

I guess the latter seems far better than the first.. i mean.. If I don't love the body that I was given then how am I going to post the putting-my-leg-behind-my-ear picture on facebook?
I'm doing this as part of an interview for an online marketing internship. I know you may think "Yoga company" and marketing? em.. somebody has to bring all those yoga fanatics in don't you think?

I don't know whether I'm going to be given the position, but I do know that it is going to be a great experience: The chance to have a glance at one of the most successful yoga companies in the UK, based in London, that promotes a way of life that helps a person to become calmer, healthier and happier. It's already working.. I'm smiling as I type!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Back Home

Wow.. no running to catch the bus and not getting stuck in between tubes.. With absolutely no hassle at all i arrived, checked in and then traversing from one restaurant to another to choose my inflight meal. I end up buying this potatoe salad from "EAT." I didn't had any other options for a normal yummishy-looking salad.. but that's ok, I'm on my way to the salad destination, where vegetables are a gift of nature given for a final sale price of 70% in compared to the UK vegetable market.

Yes, I am in the airport, waiting for my gate to open! I don't think I realised it yet but I'm flying.. flying back home.. maybe is the 24 hours with no sleep.. I'm actually typing this as a way of not to fall asleep..

3 days of sunshine! That's what Google had on it's weathrer forecast for Cyprus and then rain! I hate it when that happens. When it rains in Cyprus.. it RAINS! It is pouring, some neighborhoods are flooded and traffic becomes CRAAZY! But it's nice, you get to spend some quality time with friends and family. The idea of being restricted into a house creates opportunities for some extra time spending!

That's what I'm looking forward too.. not the cypriot rain but the friend bonding. Need some update on my friend's life and some new adventure and a bit of refreshness. If I had a drink right now I would go for "Cheers.. to fresh and refresh!!!"


On the plane already.. Just experienced how low cost airlines can be superior than any other "quality" airline. With my big EAT. salad, ink lady apples from Morisons and inflight entertainment powered by ACER netbook and the power of free movie uploading my flight is almost to an end.


Back in Cyprus, the year around island!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I'm in Miami Beach

I love it.. The freedom.. the waking up in the morning, knowing that I have absolutely nothing to do and end up doing one thing after another in its most hassle-free version! I feel.. I feel… I actually feel like when in high school: no worries, no work, no nothing! I always used to thing that you only get this feelings in summertime. You know.. In the summer breeze, you always find time for a mojito, tanning in the beach, beach volleyball, breaking people's nerves with the "tik tok" noise of playing with summer racquets in the beach (em.. Sorry if you are one of those peoples.. Beach racquets are addictive you know..) pointless drives around the city with friends, partying up until late, going from one place to another... And the same applies while being at work.. it doesn't matter if you slept 2 hours, 5 hours, no hours.. It is the things you do that full-up your batteries!

Please don't think opposite, I love work, whenever not in university I was always at work.. And work is great.. I mean you get to spend your time beneficially, interact with so many people on a daily basis, be productive.. And having fun!!

That's how work should be at least. If you are happy with your work/career you enjoy life you do enjoy life at it's maximum. If you are not krumpy after work you have the WHOLE day to do anything, even if you spend half of it at work. That's why choosing careers is crucial. I might haven't celebrated my new year's as I wanted to but I didn't mind, because I know I'm lucky enough to have the chance to change my new year's to come..

What I learned while in London.. Is that it doesn't have to be summer to experience the best in life, as long as you carry around your "summer" spirit, every day, every time, everywhere and in any situation! Right know, I feel that I'm in Miami Beach! So got to go.. The waves are waiting..

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Dear Mr.Laptop mugger

Dear mr.laptop mugger!

I hope you are enjoying my laptop.. please note that the screen needs to be updated so that the touch functionality will operate in the windows 7. As you may noticed the package was an ilegal version.. but you must have noticed because I've noticed you used Windows Xp to get into my facebook previously..

well.. I'm just writing to wish you "happy new year 2011" and because i know that every bad thing gets returned to you I wanted to ask you for my digitl Consumer Behavior notes. They are highly important to me and of no significance value to you! For any instructions how to do that let me know and I will be of service!



PS: Don't try to ask money for them, I already gave you a 500GBP worth of laptop along with some other freebies.. you know cash.. cards.. Consider this as a good thing to do!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The next station is closed!

Well.. I guess there are some disadvantages living just oposite the Emirates stadium.. you get to experience a no-tube service! and there are sooo sooo many fans in the tube towards arsenal that the tube takes some time to get to the next stop and then wait for the next tube and then... you know how these things are. It takes 20minutes road, to 1:20!

But lets face it.. It is amazing! I confess.. I'm not a football fan, but I'm a fiesta fan and I'm starting to like the football experience.. it's a fiesta! So many people, crowded, i can literally hear everything.. right now as I type there must have been a goal opportunity [well.. i'm guessing there must be another word for this]!

Is it cruel to have this while studying for exams and doing assignments? I dont things so, I always appreciate good company when i study and everytime they cheer I cheer, I even become typoexcited!

When I write about my 101 things i have to do to London, one of them will be going to an arsenal match! and don't worry.. I'll blog about it! I dont know what I'm doing next year, or where I will be living.. but I know that I will miss my every second wednesday and saturday company..

take care x

Electric topper

hey.. what's up??? how ya doing?? gosh.. i think studyish makes me like a zombie.. I really need a break [and no.. I do not need a kit-kat]

My confession for today is that I started to like this submission thing.. wow, I actually don't remember me running like that to be ahead of time.. you know.. you never know what will happen right? I think a good pair of trainers will make me excel more in the "run for success" goal I set..

I was ahead of time, and yes it was submitted.. no external circumstances no nothing! I was impressed.. new year started already? Cool!!! well.. not so much.. I think my top-up electricity will be out of money so no electricity for me.. another run to the supermarket for topping that up! Well.. the bright site, it could have failed on me when I was printing my assignment..

And top-up electricity? hehehe.. When I first came to my apartment and settled town.. it was 23:30 when the lights went off! I had to search around the spooky house with an old samsung phone which light bearly "lights"... When they give you an apartment they usually tell you let me take you to your apartment and introduce to to Mr.Boiler, Misses Washing machine.. and to Mr.ElectricityTopper.. they just told me.. "Here are the keys, the flat is only 10minutes away, dn't wory at some point the landlord will come and introduce herself over the one-year-contract period.. you will find it.." at 23:30.. there was nobody to call, and even if I did they would probably tell me "Hey.. search around the house, you will probably find it". That's what I did but nothing..

I had to wait untill the next day for an electrixian to come who actually didn't find it untill last minute.. it was between my neighboor's door and my door.. a funky little box with a "key" that looked nothing but a key.. Some sort of lego pinched in a 20th century electric meter! That;s my key topper!

Well.. quite random ha? well.. I'm actually out of anything else at the moment.. have to study, so will see you guys soon xx

Even when looking for a general switch!

I don't have much to say today so sorry.. take care and speak to you soon